Parent Associations

The education of each student at Ó£»¨Ö±²¥app is a team effort between staff, students and parents. The School encourages all parents to become actively involved in the education of their child and contribute to the life of the School. A fantastic way to get involved is by joining the School’s Parent Association, Boarder Parent Association and co-curricular support groups. 

Ó£»¨Ö±²¥appParent Association

The Ó£»¨Ö±²¥appParent Association is a wonderful group of Ó£»¨Ö±²¥appparents who provide voluntary service to the students and the School and help to raise funds to support school activities, resources and projects. The group act as a voice for the Ó£»¨Ö±²¥appparent community and provide an avenue for involvement for all parents and guardians. The Parent Association also organises a number of social events for parents throughout the year.

The Ó£»¨Ö±²¥appParent Association meet once a month and all Ó£»¨Ö±²¥appparents and guardians are invited and encouraged to attend these meetings.

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Ó£»¨Ö±²¥appBoarder Parent Association

The Ó£»¨Ö±²¥appBoarder Parent Association is an active parent group for the parents and guardians of our diverse and vibrant boarding community. Working cooperatively with the Headmaster, Director of Boarding and senior Boarding staff, the Association maintains a vested interest in the betterment and appreciation of the management and care of Boarders, and the operation and reputation of the School and the Boarding community. Liaison is channelled through meetings each term, often coinciding with the start/end of term or major school functions.

The Ó£»¨Ö±²¥appBoarder Parent Association meet once a term either in person or online. All Ó£»¨Ö±²¥appBoarder parents and guardians are invited and encouraged to attend these meetings.

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